And on the Other 364 Days

by Janet Ruth Falon (Elkins Park, PA)

It’s all fine
and well
to stand up against oppression
when you’re wearing a costume
and alcohol has made you more yourself,
or maybe less so,
but for the other 364 days
you are commanded
— by The Book of What’s Right,
which all religions subscribe to —
to stand up against oppression
in your everyday clothes
and your sobriety
when you’re clear-headed
— and -hearted —
and can recognize the difference
between who should be blessed
and who should be cursed,
and to skim off Purim’s skin of hysteria
— like fat globules on soup —
and see the persecution that simmers, still, underneath.

Janet Ruth Falon, the author of The Jewish Journaling Book (Jewish Lights, 2004), teaches a variety of writing classes — including journaling and creative expression — at many places, including the University of Pennsylvania.  She leads a non-fiction writing group and works with individual students, and is continuing to write Jewish-themed readings for what she hopes will become a book, In the Spirit of the Holidays.


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2 responses to “And on the Other 364 Days

  1. Victoria Wheeler

    Janet reminds us to be vigilant and fully aware in our profestations. There is a universality to heed The Book of Right, whatever your personal belief system. Without fanaticism, we can observe what is right and act on it. Thank you Janet for this reminder. Well written and understood, in any religion.

  2. Beautiful, Janet, very poignant.

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