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Welcome to the Jewish Writing Project, an online community where you can explore who you are as a Jew… and what it’s like to be Jewish … with others (who, in turn, can share their discoveries with you).

It’s the place where a girl preparing for her bat mitzvah can post an interview with her mother about what it was like thirty or forty years ago when she had (or didn’t have) her bat mitzvah.

Or where a college student can let others read the notes of an interview that he conducted with his grandfather… or with an elder member of his temple or synagogue… about life as a Jew during World War II, or about what it might have felt like to grow up as a Jew in Egypt, Yemin, Germany, Russia, or another far-away country.

If you remember an event from your childhood that made a deep impression on you as a Jew… you can explore that memory here.

If reading a portion of the Bible… or gazing at a Chagall painting… or visiting Israel for the first time… trigger new insights into being Jewish, new ways of understanding your relationship to Judaism, you can reflect on those thoughts here, too.

Are you a convert to Judaism? Or the child of a Holocaust survivor?

What is it about Judaism that draws you to it? And what do you hope to pass on to your children?

No matter what your age or background, you’re invited to contribute your own stories, poems, memoirs, interviews (and even random thoughts), as long as you’re willing to explore in some way your relationship to Judaism and what it means to you.

All it takes to participate in The Jewish Writing Project is a curiosity about your heritage, a desire to examine your feelings about being Jewish, and a wish to tell your story.

So, pick up your pen and let us know what you think and feel about being Jewish.

We look forward to reading and sharing your work.


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